You turn the steering wheel and your vehicle goes in the direction you want. It’s so simple, right?

Not necessarily. Power steering is actually a very complicated technology that requires the orchestration of multiple precision components to work correctly. At the very least, a power steering system as a whole is comprised of fluid reservoir, a steering fluid pump, and a rack and pinion assembly. Each of these critical components must operate precisely according to manufacturer recommendations in order to function well, and that requires the regular flushing and replacement of the hydraulic fluid that runs throughout it.

Having your power steering fluid flushed is a fairly straightforward and quick procedure. However, specialized tools are necessary to ensure that the process is done correctly. Thompson Automotive has the expert staff and requisite tools to ensure that your power steering fluid flush is performed according to the specifications of your vehicle manufacturer, every time.

When to Have Your Steering Fluid Flushed

If your power steering fluid becomes too contaminated or if the steering fluid level drops too low, you will start to notice some deficiencies in your steering. There may be squealing or grinding noises, or your steering may feel ‘dampened’ or sluggish. To determine the root cause of these issues, an evaluation by a knowledgeable technician is recommended. It won’t take long to uncover the culprit of the issue, whether it’s a low fluid level, dirty fluid, or something more serious.

It’s also generally recommended to have your power steering fluid flushed at a set mileage interval. For most vehicles, this should be every 30,000 miles. The manufacturer sets the recommendation, and Thompson Automotive can do the research for you to determine what that interval is for the car, truck, van or SUV you drive.

If you notice a sharp change in the performance of your power steering, then it’s highly recommended to have your vehicle evaluated as soon as possible. This is because power steering problems can pose a significant safety risk, and it’s best to correct the problem before it grows into something far costlier down the line. If you’re not sure what the current condition of your power steering fluid is, don’t worry! A power steering system inspection only takes a few minutes, and repairs or servicing can be scheduled for a time that works best for you.

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Don’t let contaminated power steering fluid compromise the safety of the vehicle you rely on every day. Get the peace of mind you deserve by having your power steering system serviced by the ASE-Certified professionals at Thompson Automotive. We never recommend repairs that aren’t needed, and all of our work is backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty covering all parts and labor.