You know that various fluids are needed to keep your vehicle running smoothly, but do you know how long it’s been since the fluids in your vehicle have been flushed?

Brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, and coolant are just a few of the many different fluids required by every car, truck, van, and SUV on the road today. Because every vehicle needs multiple fluids at different levels and intervals of flushing, it can get confusing when the time comes to schedule regular maintenance for your vehicle. Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that can help you with a complete calendar of all the fluid flushes needed for your specific vehicle?

Thompson Automotive is here for you! Our team of expert automotive professionals can perform a thorough evaluation of your vehicle before providing you with a full list of every recommended fluid flush recommended by the manufacturer.

Every Fluid for Whatever’s Down the Road

Lubricants and coolants come in a large variety of types and specifications, depending on the vehicle they’re going in or the application of the fluid. Steering systems need precision steering fluid, the crankcase and heat-generating components of the engine need oil for lubrication and heat dissipation, and the transmission needs a fluid of its own for the same reasons. Knowing the right fluid for the right system and how to perform a successful flush takes training and education provided by industry experts. In order to acquire this knowledge, automotive technicians seek out the gold standard in vehicle service and repair: the ASE Certification.

Thompson Automotive has ASE-Certified Master Technicians on staff – technicians who know fluid flushes for every functional aspect of your vehicle. We know that to keep today’s modern cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s running smoothly, they need to be regularly maintained and provided the right fluid flushes at the right mileage intervals. Doing so lengthens the time between failures due to eventual mechanical breakdown, and the life span of the engine as a whole is extended.

Remember that the cost of performing a single coolant flush is significantly lower than the cost to replace an entire radiator. And, the cost to perform a basic transmission flush is substantially lower than what it would cost to replace the transmission with a new one. Don’t run the risk of spending thousands on needed repairs when you can take action today and schedule the fluid flushes required for your vehicle.

Schedule your Fluid Flush Today

Not sure what fluid flush your vehicle may need? Have an advanced question about how we perform a certain flush here at Thompson Automotive? Call us!

We will work with you to schedule a time to perform a comprehensive evaluation for your vehicle, so you know exactly what your needs for fluid flushes are today and tomorrow.