Regardless of the miles on the engine in your vehicle, Thompson Automotive has the professionally trained, ASE-certified mechanics needed to keep your car, truck, van, or SUV running smoothly. As engines age with normal wear and tear, their general upkeep requires more and more attention to keep costly repairs at bay. Our goal is to help you stay on top of any potential engine problems before they turn into critical failures.

One Stop for All Engine Services, Oil Changes, and Repairs

Modern automotive engines are very intricate systems composed of rods, bearings, gaskets, valves, and literally hundreds of other precision parts all of which need ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal functionality. For every part of your engine, there is a specific, manufacturer-recommended service procedure that our mechanic team can perform when needed.
To keep potential engine problems from happening in the first place, we highly recommend regularly scheduled oil changes using high-quality motor oil that is rated for the size and demands of your engine. For most vehicles, 3 months or 3,000 miles is a generally advisable interval for oil changes — and remember, the oil in your engine is being used even when your vehicle isn’t being driven (idling, neutral, etc.). When oil is overused in an engine, it begins to thicken, interfering with the normal functioning of engine parts with very tight mechanical tolerances.
If an engine is forced to run with old oil for too long, irreversible damage can occur, sometimes resulting in complete engine seizure or failure. Don’t let this happen to you – make sure you bring your vehicle to Thompson Automotive for regular oil changes and periodic inspections of key engine components.

Import Engine Specialists

Acura and Honda have very different manufacturer recommendations compared with Lexus and Toyota. Mitsubishi recommends engine procedures that vary widely from those recommended by Subaru, and so on. Because these manufacturer recommendations are so different from one another, you need a trusted resource with expertise in servicing and repairing engines from all of these manufacturers. Thompson Automotive is here for you when you need an imported engine specialist who knows what to look for in your specific engine.
Not only do we clearly communicate the necessary engine service or repair work to you before beginning work, we also offer a worry-free, 3-year/36,000-mile warranty for all services and repairs performed. That’s automotive expertise you can rely on!

Contact the Englewood Engine Service and Repair Professionals

When it comes to keeping your engine running smoothly, don’t trust your vehicle to a service provider without a proven track record and certified trained technicians. The more high-quality care you give to your engine, the more miles of high performance it will give you in return. Get in touch with your local, Englewood-based mechanic today, and schedule an appointment for your engine!