Thompson Automotive provides top-tier differential service and repair for customers in the Englewood and surrounding areas. If you’re hearing a grinding, slipping or knocking noise coming from the undercarriage of your vehicle, it might be time to have the differential(s) inspected for faults, failure, or inadequate fluid.

What Does a Differential Do?

Every vehicle has a differential located on either the rear axle for rear-wheel drive vehicles or the front axle (also called the transaxle) for front-wheel drive vehicles. All-wheel drive vehicles have three differentials, one on each axle, and a center differential (also known as a transfer case) that accounts for speed variations between the front and rear axles.

Because there are precision parts that are always moving together with other parts within a differential, it’s necessary to have a way to keep these parts cool and lubricated. This is why differential fluid is so important; without it, differentials would eventually lock up and cease operation altogether. The result could be loss of control of your vehicle, not to mention costly damage to expensive components.

Most automobile manufacturers recommend differential service at predetermined mileage intervals, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Some vehicles have shorter differential service mileage intervals due to high levels of torque and/or more sophisticated differential systems.

Your Differential Is in Good Hands With Thompson Automotive

Our ASE-certified mechanics have access to manufacturer data for virtually every vehicle on the road today. If there’s a question about the recommended maintenance interval for your differential, we have the answer. What’s more, we can provide a thorough evaluation of your differential system to get ahead of potential issues before they become costly problems down the line.

Differential leaks are fairly common in older and higher mileage vehicles. A leaking differential may not present any functional problems today, but given enough time, it can cause your vehicle to stop transferring energy from the engine to the wheels as efficiently as possible. This can result in lower gas mileage, higher differential running temperatures and eventual system failure.

At Thompson Automotive, your vehicle is cared for with attention to detail throughout the entire energy transfer chain, from the transmission all the way through to the axles. Our team knows exactly what to look for when a customer comes in with a problematic differential and most repairs can be completed shortly after the problem is identified.

Set an Appointment for Differential Service Today

Don’t run the risk of causing undue damage to your differential. Let the professionals at Thompson Automotive put our training and expertise to work for you – contact us today to schedule your differential system diagnostic evaluation.

We are conveniently located in Englewood, Colorado, and we proudly serve the entire Englewood, Littleton, and Denver area.

Our team will provide you with a thorough report stating all of the identified issues, as well as recommendations only for the repairs necessary to get you back to driving safely.