Keeping your engine from overheating requires constant cooling from precision components and specially formulated fluid that is designed to function according to manufacturer specifications. Any time there is a fault with an automotive cooling system, the root cause can probably be traced down to the exact leak or other issue – but only when the right technician with expert knowledge performs a thorough analysis.

Even the best automotive cooling system in the world will have ongoing needs for routine maintenance. Part of this maintenance includes flushing the cooling system, pressure-testing it, and filling it with fresh, new coolant. Doing this ensures that the engine is being cooled efficiently and in cooperation with all the other engine components that rely on sustained cool operation of the vehicle.

Specialized Equipment, ASE-Certified Staff

To perform even the basic task of flushing a cooling system, specialized tools are necessary. To use these specialized tools, advanced training in automotive service techniques is required. In order to meet this need head-on, Thompson Automotive has invested heavily into the training and development of our technicians. This translates into top-tier service and repairs you can trust, provided by team members who take advantage of industry-proven processes shown to increase life and performance of virtually any car, truck, van, or SUV.

Problems with cooling systems arise when there is either insufficient coolant level or a significant reduction in the quality of the coolant in the radiator, hoses, and areas of high heat production in the engine. If coolant quality is neglected for too long, the engine will start to overheat, a situation that can cause a complete breakdown.

To prevent this, ensuring your coolant is full and flushed regularly is critical. Thankfully, the pros at Thompson Automotive can flush your cooling system with BG Cooling System Flush and fill it with coolant that is recommended by the manufacturer for the longest life and performance. We carry coolants for most any vehicle, so we have on-hand what is needed to complete your fluid flush and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Time to Flush Your Coolant? Choose Thompson Automotive

Neglecting your cooling system means you are putting your engine at risk. Don’t let an overheating engine leave you stranded and in need of costly repairs. Protect your vehicle by having your cooling system fluid flushed by trusted professionals with a solid reputation for delivering a fantastic customer experience, time after time.

At Thompson Automotive, we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality coolants for every cooling system fluid flush we perform. Also, with every coolant flush, we inspect related components to ensure no other critical repairs or servicing is needed. That’s going above and beyond for our customers!