Bringing your vehicle to a full stop requires the coordination of a broad network of components. From the master cylinder to the hydraulic tubes that terminate at the calipers fitted for each wheel, there’s a lot to maintain within a typical brake system. Because some brake system equipment is designed to wear down over time, routine brake inspection and service is a necessity for any driver.

Stop in for Squealing, Grinding, or Poor Brake Performance

Thompson Automotive conducts safety inspections that include a thorough evaluation of the entire braking system. A quick check of your rotors, pads, calipers and related components will reveal if you need a simple pad change, rotor machining, or more.

One of the telltale signs of a brake problem is a squealing sound coming from the brakes when the brake pedal is applied. The vehicle may stop well enough, but the squealing could be a symptom of worn pads. If this problem goes unchecked, the rotors can become scarred or warped due to excessive friction and heat.

You may also notice your vehicle not stopping as quickly as it should, or you may not get the brake performance you used to upon pressing the brake pedal. If you’re experiencing squealing, grinding or improper brake performance, it’s time to make an appointment at Thompson Automotive.

High Quality Parts, ASE-Certified Technicians

When it’s time to replace pads, rotors, calipers, hoses or other brake line equipment, it’s always best to opt for replacement equipment that meets two key criteria:

  • The selected parts are an exact fit for your make and model
  • The selected parts last the longest

After it’s been determined that your vehicle needs new brake equipment, the next step is to choose the parts and have them installed. High-quality, ceramic brake pads from Thompson Automotive last longer, reduce noise, and help stop dust accumulation on your rotors. The result is more time between required brake maintenance and a safer vehicle that will stop when needed, every time.

Knowing what equipment to install to correct a problematic brake system takes training and expertise. The technicians at Thompson Automotive have been specifically trained to identify faulty brake system equipment and recommend the repairs needed to keep your vehicle safe.

After discussing the current state of your brakes after our inspection, we’ll make only the repair recommendations needed to get you safely back on the road.

Stay Safe — Contact Thompson Automotive to Set an Appointment

Of all that can go wrong with your car, truck, van or SUV, it’s best to take brake issues very seriously, as they directly impact safe driving more than any other factor. Don’t risk damaging your vehicle or compromising your personal safety by putting off brake service.

We will set an appointment time that works for your schedule, so you can get in, get out and be on your way. Contact us today!