1. How To De-Ice Your Car

    Ever find yourself standing over your car staring a fresh sheet of ice trying to figure out the best way to make the windshield actually visible again? The last thing you want to do is stand out in the freezing cold chipping away for 20 minutes worrying about being on time to work while waiting for it to thaw. Well, lucky for you we have some of the best tips and tricks for de-icing your windshiel…Read More

  2. Not All Gasoline Is Created Equal

    Not All Gasoline Is Created Equal A vast majority of drivers pick a gasoline based on price. However, people really need to consider what type of gas is truly best for their vehicles. Using the wrong kind of gas can increase the frequency you need auto repair. Not all gasoline is the same, so figure out which one is best for your vehicle.  Benefits of Using Higher-Quality Gas Using a top tier gas…Read More

  3. When to Replace Your Car’s Battery

    Sometimes it’s tough to know when you actually need to replace your car’s battery, and you definitely don’t want to wait until it’s too late since your battery is required to actually get your car to start. The last thing you want it to be stuck waiting for a jump in order to get yourself to work. Typically a car battery will last on average about 5 years when the car is driven on a daily …Read More

  4. What Your Tire Tread Is Telling You

    Your tires are the part of the car that touches the road. They’re responsible for a smooth and safe ride. Learn how to measure tire tread depth and know what your tires are trying to tell you.  What You Can Learn by Looking at Your Tires  Every month, it’s a good idea to inspect your tires. You can check the tread of your tires using a penny. Insert the penny into the tire’s tread. Stick i…Read More

  5. Five Reasons to Contact the Professionals for Complete Car Care

    We’ve all been there. The car needs something and you think you can do it yourself. While this might sound like a good idea to begin with, you often end up at the car shop to have them repair the damage that didn’t exist until your little DIY project. Instead of putting yourself through this, contact the professionals for all your Englewood automotive needs, right when you need them. The follo…Read More

  6. How to Find Reliable Car Mechanics and Repair Shops

    Finding a reliable and honest mechanic might feel like you’re searching for the Holy Grail, but there are actually many good car mechanics that will help you keep your car operating at peak performance. Maintenance is part of your car’s service schedule. Repairs are for fixing problems. Scheduled maintenance can be performed at any dealership, even if you didn’t buy your car there. You can e…Read More

  7. Changing the Cabin Air Filter In Your Car

    Many cars built after 2000 have a cabin air filter, which removes particles and even odors from the air that are piped into the car. Luxury cars may have two or more air filters, but most newer cars at least have one. The cabin filter basically improves air quality in your car, but it’s also important to safety. By removing air contaminants, it can prevent runny noses, sneezing, headaches and bl…Read More

  8. Emergency Items Every Driver Should Have in Their Trunk

    If you’re out on the road as much as we are, you may find yourself on the side of the road from time to time. Even with regular maintenance, a well-oiled machine will still break down, which means that you may be stuck without a set of working wheels. That can be doubly problematic if you end up in adverse weather, or if you’re far away from our Denver auto shop. Here are a few items that you …Read More

  9. Signs of a Failing Timing Belt

    Your timing belt is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. This small, seemingly unimportant rubber belt is actually a finely tuned part — its teeth orchestrate the timing of rotations of the camshaft(s) and crankshaft, and it may transfer power to other parts of your engine (such as the water pump and the oil pump). As such, a damaged timing belt will hinder the performance of you…Read More

  10. How to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Used Car

    Are you putting your car on the market? Well, then you want the best price for your old set of wheels. So, how do you earn extra dollars on your vehicle? And what can you do to sell your car quickly? We have a variety of tips to help you get rid of your current vehicle so that you can upgrade to your next. Here’s our advice: Clean, Clean, Clean First and foremost, it’s essential that you clean…Read More