Regardless of what you drive – whether it be a car, truck, van, or SUV – a tune-up can drastically improve the efficiency and longevity of your engine. Automotive tune-ups aren’t just for highly tuned, high-performance vehicles, either. If your vehicle runs on gasoline, it can benefit from a tune-up. When performed according to manufacturer-recommended mileage intervals, tune-ups can keep your vehicle starting easier, driving smoother, and getting the most out of every gallon when you fill up.

A Comprehensive Approach to Performance

Combustion is what creates the power to move your vehicle. To achieve this, three fundamental ingredients are required: air, fuel, and ignition. For optimal performance, the air needs to be clean, the fuel needs to be adequately filtered, and the ignition needs to be responsive and consistent. Tune-ups enhance the systems responsible for coordinating the delivery and activation of these three ingredients.

So, what’s the difference between a tune-up and other, regularly scheduled maintenance like oil changes or transmission fluid flushes? First of all, a standard tune-up involves replacing important engine components that are only designed to function up to a certain point. After that point has been reached, the performance of your engine begins to suffer, and you may begin to experience sluggishness or a loss of ‘pep’ in your vehicle.

Expert Automotive Technicians, Quality Replacement Parts

When the ASE-certified mechanics at Thompson Automotive perform a tune-up, we make sure to replace the following:

Air filter – Used to ensure that your engine is ‘breathing’ the cleanest air possible.
Fuel filter – Critical in keeping fuel debris and particulate matter from interfering with the combustion cycle.
Spark plugs – Provide the burst of electricity needed to ignite the fuel in your combustion chamber, which in turn activates the pistons that move the crankshaft.
Ignition wire set – Important in the transmission of electricity to the spark plugs.

In addition to replacing these components, the professional technicians at Thompson Automotive will also set the timing and idle for your vehicle, if applicable and recommended by the manufacturer. If you’re unsure about the tune-up interval recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle, just contact us and ask. We are always happy to do the research for you and inform you of all the service recommendations specific to the year, make, model, and mileage of your vehicle.

Get the Most Out of Every Mile – Contact Us Today

If you’re unsure about the condition of your spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter or ignition wire set, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. We’ll help you understand what is impacting the performance of your vehicle, and we’ll make sure you understand the purpose behind all the services we perform.

Whether you’re in Englewood or the surrounding area, we’re available to provide a high-quality tune-up quickly, affordably, and professionally. As always, our parts and labor are covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty – the best in the business!